Thursday, July 24, 2008

buenos nachos


I've slept 30 minutes so far the previous evening and Christy is taking her turn napping on the bow of the boat on a cockpit cushion under a towel in the pouring rain. I'm down below finishing up making the sure that the boom and whisker pole sitting on the floor of the cabin below don't go "walkabout" and destroy all the great woodwork we now have.

The truck is scheduled to arrive at 6AM.

We still haven't:
- pulled the prop
- removed 90 lbs of steel anchors from the bow pulpit
- tied down bimini and dodger frames in a manner that won't trash them or the boat
- finished wrapping the boom and all its accoutrements in a metric ton of shrink wrap
- 100 other tiny little things that need to be done to ship a boat.

I grudgingly woke Christy up because our timeline went from 'Urgent' to 'Oh Shit'. We worked furiously until 6AM.

No truck.

8AM. More work. No truck.

930AM. Oh yeah, the truck driver is sick and can't drive the boat up until maybe Monday.


After a 3 hour nap on the boat, we are in Froggy's down several Coronas and much happier. Back to the boat later when temps go down to deal with all the packing we did a crappy job on during the all-night boat prep marathon.

Boat arrival in Seattle? Can't rightly say. If'n I was a bettin' man, I'd put money on August.

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