Wednesday, October 31, 2007

s/v whitecloud

My buddy Fisher sealed the deal on his 1973 Yankee 30 a few weeks back and then promptly flew off to New Orleans. On his return this weekend, JohnL and I hauled a "shetland" pony keg of some bad beer into the cockpit and drank to the future s/v Whitecloud and her proud new owner. We followed our onboard celebration with a debaucherous evening at The Sloop (are there any other kinds of evenings at that bar?) capped off by some horrific pool playing and a disappearing act by Fisher. He must've been offended at my pool playing.

The next day, we took Patriot II - her current name - and her monster genoa out for a spin around the Puget Sound and cleared out the previous evening's cobwebs.

Mr. Fisher - here's to you and s/v Whitecloud. Congratulations! When are we going sailing again?

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